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Travelling may include luggage and this is one of the biggest concern of the travellers. Be it a business trip or a leisure attraction, the luggage needs to be cared for right from the beginning. So while a traveller may have his belongings neatly stacked up in his luggage, a slightest miss or a blink of the eye and it could be misplaced or lost. Most of the public transport areas are covered under CCTV cameras which reduce the chances of the luggage being lost, yet many travellers in and out of Europe report missing bags and cases on an everyday basis.

The fault may be attributed to the rare carelessness of the staff or the mostly irresponsible behaviour of the travellers, yet in either case, the loss is definitely for the traveller who is left in an unknown space with none of the belongings.


Reporting the loss is the first and the immediate step to be taken once the traveller identifies the loss. The nearest officer or the authority needs to be intimated and a complaint should be registered. The quicker the loss is reported, the better are the chances of it being located and found. On the contrary, a traveller may also be able to find a bag or a case that does not belong to him when he checks into a hotel or a nearby bed and breakfast. Even while waiting for the shuttle flights and in transit, the traveller may be able to locate and place luggage which is not owned by anyone. In such cases also, such a luggage should be immediately reported to the lost and found office. This ensures the safety of the other passengers and the safety of the luggage as well.


Catering to the travellers and passengers in huge numbers with many pieces of luggage being handled every day, the transport and airways are the major locations where luggage is misplaced and found as well. This creates the need for a quick and robust lost and found platform in all the major destinations of the world. An initiative concerning the same has been taken in accordance with the police and transport officials in the United Kingdom. Aptly named the MissingX, this website is a connecting platform for all luggages falling under UK lost and found. The website is detailed with the countries that the services extend to and request the information from the traveller who has either lost or found a bag. Once the details have been filtered and matched, the website functions to relocate the right owner with the specific luggage that has been reported as missing. A total of 1,153,934 items have been found and rightfully returned so far since its inception. A similar platform for the Norway lost and found and Sweden lost and found has also been developed to create the connectivity between the luggage lost and the reported complaint. Once the registration process is completed, it is easy to find the item that has been lost.


  • Keep the luggage close when travelling so that the chances of theft and misplacing are reduced
  • If travelling in a group, always count the number of items in the luggage before exiting from any station or location
  • Ensure the locks and security of the luggage while it is being transported
  • Remain calm and find the nearest lost and found office, if the luggage is lost
  • Report unattended luggage that is found with immediate urgency
  • Pack lesser such that only the items that are necessary are carried
  • Do not leave important documents and paper work in the luggage but carry them in the handbags

And for any other assistance the lost and found department is there to help in case of emergencies and mishaps.