Register a lost item

Registering an item as lost will notify the selected lost property office(s).

They will process your registration and contact you directly if a matching item has been found. Please make sure to describe your item in full detail, to assist the lost property office in matching with found items.


Select Location


Item Details


You can upload picture(s) of your item. These will only be visible to Lost Property Offices, not members of the public.

Your Details

A user account will be created for you, unless you already have one. This lets you update your registration later. More information can be found in the email confirmation you will receive, and in our Privacy Policy

At MissingX we will never sell your data to any other company and we will never pass your private information to any policing or security entity without the proper signed Data Protection Act authority. However, we will need to send you relevant and important information from time to time.

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