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All lost property offices and institutions using MissingX software are our clients.

As one of our clients, you will be able to offer your customers a unique and holistic search solution to items held by you throughour web portal. Users search and find their own property, make claims and request postage all for free!

Self-service, self-empowering and customer satisfaction driving!

Cloud based software is safe, secure and light.

Build revenue streams with us using our world class experience and partners.

Public enquiriesintended for your lost property offices are far more efficient using our unique networked ecosystem to automate the contact and claimsprocesses. No more tying your staff upwith endless calls or emails. We can tailor the type of contact you want to offer your users. If you prefer not to be contacted over the phone, you can provide them with instructions by chat or via the contact form, or both. The option is yours!

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Partner Testimonials

  • Bob Gerrard

    “Lost something on your travels, then MissingX are a must contact, if you want to find your lost item quickly, and the great news is that their service to you is free! My company has been working with MissingX for some time and we are greatly impressed with their drive and desire to get lost property back to the rightful owner. Each day more and more lost property offices providing various modes of travel around the world are working with MissingX, making it even more likely that you will find your lost item quickly. We are so impressed with MissingX that we have advised our customers to contact them to report lost items.”

    Managing Director
    OCPin Ltd

Client Testimonials

  • Nigel Organ

    "MissingX helped us transform what had been a real pain point in the customer journey - a part of the experience so often overlooked but critical when needed - giving us the opportunity to demonstrate to our customers how much we really care about them. MissingX were untiring when it came to developing the system to match our needs exactly and have continued to be fast and responsive when further improvements are needed as new requirements are identified. They are good on the detail, especially with aspects like security and traceability, and automating things like matching and emails have made us a lot more efficient. We now receive nothing but praise for the speed and reliability of our lost property service from our customers, but also from our staff who are in the front line when it comes to dealing with the enquiries from people who are often in distress.“

    LPO Manager
    Great Western Railway

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