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  • Is MissingX really free?

    YES! MissingX is free to search, free to register, free to claim and free to use. If you wish to have extra opportunities of finding your property by offering a reward or putting up a picture of the item for faster matching with items at lost property offices then there is a cost for that. You can upgrade by clicking the appropriate button next to your registered lost item on the my account page.

  • How can you offer this for free?

    MissingX sells software as a service and other Lost Property Office solutions and products to small, medium and large businesses and places where property is lost and then found by either the public or by their own staff. By charging these companies a small annual subscription we offset costs so the public can look for and claim their lost property at no cost to them. The more places sign up to access our global database the cheaper it will be for everyone. It really is that simple.

  • Is there anything else I can do?

    MissingX is the front end of Lost Property Offices worldwide. We use powerful algorithms to match your property against those items found and handed in to the office. We recommend that you register the item as lost by creating a free account. You can even upgrade that account to add photos of your lost item and you can also add a reward if you like.Upgrading gives you access to anonymised chat screens that can put a finder in touch with you and vice versa. There are conditions to this though so please beware of any dialogues.

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