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MissingX is a software company that Lost Property Offices use to log all their found property so you can search for it yourself. We do not actually hold or handle property ourselves but we help those Lost Property Offices to match items they have in their stores with the items you have lost. MissingX provides support for website users experiencing technical problems HERE. If the problem related to a lost property office then please contact them directly.

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  • I have lost a personal item whilst traveling, either at the airport, on board an aircraft / train or train station.
        Can you tell me how to get my item back?

    Please enter all the lost item details in the appropriate search boxes on the website homepage: www.missingx.com (Where Lost Is Found).

  • How do I find my lost item on your website?

    It can take up to 7 days for items to be found physically and handed in to the lost property offices. If your item is not shown on our website after this period of time, it is unlikely that the item was found or handed in to the airport or train station staffs.

  • What do I do if my item hasn´t appeared on your website after 7 days?

    MissingX offers several types of subscriptions that, for a small fee, you can activate to have us perform automatic daily searches for your item, upload photos of your lost item, plus many more Premium grade options. Go to Error! Hyper link reference not valid. To activate your subscription. (For customers at Heathrow and Arlanda airports, the Premium subscription is included for free.)

  • How do I contact the lost property office to claim my item and get it back?

    Click the “envelope” icon and claim your item for for free - this will take you to a claim form which will be auto populated if you have registered. Once you send the Claim Form off then the Lost Property Office will know you are looking for the item and will let you know whether or not your item has been handed in and how to proceed.

  • I tried to find your phone number or email address to contact you directly for customer support? Is this possible?

    MissingX only offers technical support for website issues experienced by customers.

  • We are a company that want to offer MissingX to our customers. How do we proceed?

    Please look below for sales inquiry contact info.

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