About MissingX

Our Motto

“Where lost is found!”

Our Vision

To ensure every item of lost property is matched and sent back to its lawful owner as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Create an innovative and constantly evolving online ecosystem to enable losers of property to be matched to finders of property for free.

Achieving our vision

Our vision is to provide the largest and most efficient service which delivers the best possible service so our clients and customers trust us with their digital lives.


This is how we will do it

Best global network

Building a new digital lost and found backbone for the world. One place for one search.

Best service

Always delivering outstanding service to each customer, client and partner through our personal interactions, website, SaaS and mobile applications. To build trust, confidence and transparency to find the pinnacle of customer service and customer empowerment. You drive all that we do.

Customer trust and relevance

Providing a personalised experience for our customers - from the products and services we offer, to the way we offer support, sales and ongoing innovations and creativity.


MissingX as an idea was born in Bodø, Norway through necessity back in 2001. It was a cold and frosty winter morning when one of our founders lost his bicycle. In that moment of disbelief and panic, it became immediately apparent to Tom that nobody was interested in helping and there were too many conflicting and unhelpful systems on the internet. Worst of all, there was no single location to search everywhere at once for lost property and nowhere to report found property either for that matter.

What website to trust or choose from? There are many wanting to charge in advance. Charge for getting your own property back? No way!

That was something he wanted to change and change it he did. He built a company of similarly minded people who knew how it felt. We do our best to find owners for all our lost property.

We created the world’s first and largest online searchable database holding Millions of items of lost and found property for FREE!

We believe that, in that moment of panic we all feel when we lose something, MissingX is the guiding hand that leads you directly to your property. We are the “Pied Piper” of the lost and found world. We are the ones people trust and the ones people come to time and time again. Our greatest advertisement is the people who have used our systems and found their property easily. They are our happiest results. See our success stories area.

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