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Found an Item

If you find an item of lost property, you should in most cases hand it in to the company or organisation responsible for the area.

Public Transport and Businesses

If the location where you found the item is an airport, a train or a train station, a bus or a bus stop, a hotel, a restaurant or bar, a sports venue, or something similar, you should locate the nearest personnel and hand over the item.

Public Places

If the item was found in a public place or out in nature, you may need to report it to the local police. Check the website of your local police to find out what to do.

In the UK, you have to make a reasonable attempt to contact the owner. This could include asking around, leaving a note, or publishing details on a local bulletin board. Some local news papers let you post information about found items, and there might even be a Facebook group for your local area.

Finder's Fee

Some countries have local or national laws that may grant the finder a right to a finder's fee. Most of us would choose to offer our help and return items without the need for compensation, but if you do want to research this further we recommend that you check with your local police.

In some cases, it would be advisable to get a receipt when handing over or returning the item, to ensure that you have documented yourself as the finder.

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