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Adding the right details

When claiming a found item or registering a lost item, it's important to provide the lost property office with details that will make their task easier. They will compare your registrations against potentially thousands of found items. So what are the details you should be adding?

Location and Journey Details

MissingX is used at different types of locations, such as airports, railway networks, hotels, venues, etc. Select the location where you wish to register, and fill in the journey details where applicable

Location Type Field name What to enter
Airport Flight Number Flight number, if relevant
Airport Seat Number Seat number, if relevant
Train From Station Station you travelled from
Train To Station Station you travelled to
Train At Station Station where you lost your item
Train Departure time The time the train was scheduled to depart*
Train Train number The train number, if available
Hotel Room Number The room number you stayed in

*Depature time is used by the lost property office to find the corresponding train, and to determine where your item may have been handed in

Specific Loss Location

Where exactly did you last see your item? Try to be short - was it in the security checkpoint? In your seat? In the seat pocket? Luggage rack?

In some cases you may get suggestions when you start typing. These are the locations that the lost property office use.

Item Type / Category

Select the most suitable category for the item lost. There are more than 1000 options to choose from, so try different keywords until you land on the best one.

If you lost a suitcase, register the suitcase and use the Description field to add details about the content. The lost property office is unlikely to register the content separately.

Date lost

Select the date the item was last seen by you. In most cases, this is prefilled as the day you used to search.


Select the main colour of the item. The item may have more colours but if one is dominating, select that one. You can also leave it at Undefined or select Multicolour if no other option is better.


Type in the model number or name of your item. This would separate your item from other items of the same kind.

Detailed Description

Which unique details would help the lost property office match your registration to your item? This could be the item's content (such as the title of a book in a handbag) or details about the item itself (such as the background picture on your mobile phone).

Details about how you lost your item or information about other parts of your journey are not needed to match you with your item.


Many lost property offices take pictures of the items they find, and you can also upload a picture to send together with your registration. If you have a picture of your item, it could really make the matching job easier. Patterns, shapes, textures, logos and design elements are often difficult to describe with words. Lost your glasses? Consider uploading a selfie with you wearing them!

You may also find a product picture online, from an online store for example, to help the lost property office confirm a match.

Additional Fields

For certain item categories, additional fields are displayed. Filling out these fields may increase the chance of a match, especially serial numbers on electronic devices and IMEI or SIM Card Numbers on mobile phones.

These are some of the fields that may be displayed:

  • Type
  • Make
  • Serial Number
  • IMEI Number
  • SIM Card Number
  • Registration Number
  • Country of Issue
  • Name on ID

Contact Information

If the item contains your name, such as in the case of ID documents or wallets, it's important that you register your full name in the same way it's written on your documents.

Registering your address is optional but may save you some time later if your item is found, and you want to make use or our integrated shipping solution.

Registering your contact information is mandatory, as the lost property office needs to get in contact with you if they can confirm a match.

Some lost property offices don't contact you unless they have confirmed a match. Others will contact you in any case.

Keep in mind that it may take several days before a found item is handed in and registered. You can update your registration while you wait, to add more details, but registering the same item again will not help. If your case is ugent, you may try to contact the lost property office directly. Read more.

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