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When you cannot place your shipping order

When booking a shipment via our integrated shipping portal MissingX Parcel, a few of our customers have experienced difficulties. On this page, we have gathered the most frequent problems.

Invalid Country or Postal Code

We don't support shipping to all countries in the world, and some countries have very strict import restrictions for personal effects. We cannot help you if your country is not supported.

Postal codes need to be written the way they are formatted in the destination country. For Sweden for example, the postal code must include a space. 10770 will not be accepted, but 107 70 will be.

Cannot see any shipping options

When no options are displayed, it's mostly because our shipping partners reject our request for prices. This could happen when:

  • The postal codes are invalid (for example if the postal code is for a PO Box address, where home delivery isn't supported)
  • The dimensions are too large or too small
  • The weight is too large or too small

You can check your shipment details and see if the details look correct. The dimensions should be in centimeters and the weight should be in kilograms.

If you suspect something is wrong, you should contact the lost property office. If everything seems correct, you may contact us with a technical support request and we'll have a look. In rare occasions, our shipping partners have a temporary downtime. In that case, you can simply try again later.

Cannot complete the payment

We use Adyen to collect payments, and you can use a credit or debit card or Vipps to pay for your shipment order.

If you still experience issues and don't see any meaningful error messages, please contact us at support@missingx.com.

Your order has been confirmed when you receive an email confirmation. You can also visit your booking link again to see your order summary, and the tracking number.

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