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Searching among found items

On missingx.com, start searching by typing in a keyword.

Go to missingx.com to search

Click Next to select the type of place, followed by the country, and finally the location. If the option you want to select is unavailable, it means that the location is not using MissingX yet.

After selecting the date you lost your item you can click Save and Search to go to the search results. In that page, you will see items found at the location you selected.

Look through the list to see if you find something that matches your lost item.

You can change the keyword you used to see if you can get more or better matches. Change the keyword and click Enter to update the search results.

Your item is not there?

It can take several days before an item has gone missing until it is registered in our database. You can come back and check again later.

You can save the search and check again later for more results. Saving your search requires a user account, and you can create one for free.

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