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Waiting for a response

Once you have registered a lost item, or claimed a found item as yours, you need to wait for the lost property office to confirm a match.

Please keep in mind that we at MissingX do not handle the items, nor are we responsible for matching your registration with a found item. This is done by the lost property office you registered with.

Lost property offices operate in different ways. Some will respond within a few hours, and others will not respond unless they can confirm a match.

Our goal at MissingX is to help our clients achieve a high return rate, and to provide solutions that make it easier to help more people get their items back. We understand that you may be anxious to get a response and to be reunited with your lost item. If you are unhappy with the follow-up of your registration, you need to direct your complaint to the lost property office and not to MissingX.

We thank you for your understanding.

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