Lost Property on Trains in Norway

Items lost and left behind on trains in Norway are mainly handled by Entur.

Entur handles items from Vy, Go-Ahead Nordic, and SJ NORD. Items lost onboard Flytoget are not handled by Entur, and you need to contact their customer service directly.

When items are found, they make their way to one of Entur's four lost property offices. These are located at the stations Oslo S, Bergen, Stavanger, and Trondheim.

You can use hittegods.entur.no to search among the items found. If you see something that matches your lost item, you can claim it. If you don't get any matching search results, you can return to the page later or register your lost item.

Please note that it could take several days for items to be handed in and registered.

You can find more information about Entur's lost property management on Entur.no.

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